I am a joyous Domme; playful, vivacious, and perfectly capable of owning your ass.

My play style is sensual, sometimes severe, but stemming always from a place of respect, creativity, and good intention. I can be quite silly, and am not afraid to smile while I make you squirm ; ) My techniques are well practiced and largely of my own invention, but I have gained a tremendous amount of experience from my studies and collaborations with other fetish and power-play oriented erotic providers. I have over 14 years of experience as a Dominatrix and fantasy facilitator. 


Height: 5'11" barefoot
Shoe Size: 8.5-9
Weight: ~155lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Bust: 36
Cup: B 

Hips: 40
Underbust: 33
Above bust: 34.5
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Build: Athletic, slender, with curves in just the right places...

Hobbies & Interests:

I have many interests outside of kink, perhaps a few too many...I am an avid practitioner of yoga, which informs my spiritual philosophies, enhances mindfulness and keeps my athletic body in rockin’ shape. I have an on-going interest in activism, politics, holistic health, meditation, anatomy, acupuncture, massage, energetic awareness, and nutrition. I am a muscian, and look forward to a day when I have enough time to return to my visual artistic practice. I delight in incorporating mindfulness into my sessions, believing that BDSM/Ds/kink has the capacity to offer cathartic release and expand the well as get one’s rocks off. I have a professional background in fitness and wellness coaching, and am geared towards helping others develop healthy, sustainable patterns for living a vibrant life. For me, the blend of energetic/wellness arts and BDSM is a potent blend, and it is my pleasure to offer this unique combination alongside many other erotic pastimes.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Bold dark coffee served black, spandex and designer compresison clothing (a personal cards to Lulu Lemon and Wolfords are welcome!), deep tissue massages, dancing, environmentally conscious daily habits, an attentive foot rub, my favorite leather boots, springy riding crops, my incredible kinky friends, tickling little bitches until they squeel for mercy, punctuality, good manners, the colors red, black, grey, amber, gold & teal.

A Few Things I Dislike:

Tardiness, whorephobia, sex-negative societal attitudes, poor hygiene, projected assumptions, stinginess, prejudice, laziness, and piddly little narrow minds.